Free Responsive Property Directory Theme

A free responsive property directory WordPress theme for property or real estate agents with custom options and booking form.

Theme Layouts

  • Home Page

  • Archive Page

  • Property Detail

  • Blog Page

  • Blog Post Page

  • Contact Page

Theme Features

  • Custom logo/favicon upload.
  • Custom font settings.
  • Hero slider on home page
  • Select featured properties for home page.
  • Blog/News page layouts included
  • Booking Form for each property
  • Archive page with various filters
  • 100% Responsive and Free

Theme Documentation


  1. Automatic – Download the theme by clicking here. Login to your WordPress dashboard. Go to Appearance > Themes > Add New, click on “Add New” button at the top, browse the theme zip file which you downloaded. Upload and Activate the theme.
  2. Manual – Click here to download the theme. Unzip the file and upload the folder crispprop to /wp-content/themes/. Login to your admin dashboard, go to Appearance > Themes, find the theme name “crispprop”, click on Activate.

Theme Settings

The theme settings are located under Appearance > Customize.


Site Identity

  1. Site Title – The name of your blog.
  2. Tagline – The tagline or short description about your blog.
  3. Site Icon – The name of your blog.

General Settings

  1. Logo – The logo of your blog.
  2. Logo Max Width – The maximum width of your logo.
  3. Favicon – Your favicon which would be displayed on the browser bar.
  4. Default Link Color – The color of the hyperlinks in your website.

Top Bar Settings

  1. Hide Top Bar – Enable/Disable the top bar.
  2. Background – The background color of the top bar.
  3. Font Color – Color of the texta and icons in the top bar
  4. Phone Number – The phone number displayed in the top bar.
  5. Email Address – Email Address which would display in the top bar. Contact form emails will be sent here as well.

Menu Color Settings

  1. Menu Color – The color of the menu items in the header.
  2. Menu Hover Color – The menu items hover color when your move the mouse over them.

Font Settings

  1. Site Font – Select the google font you want as the font of your blog.
  2. Site Font Size – The font size of the font you selected.
  3. Site Font Color – The color of the paragraph text of your blog.
  4. Site Font Style – Font style of the paragraph font.

Header Font Settings

  1. Heading Font – Select the google font you want as the font of your headings.
  2. Heading Font Color – The color of the headings.
  3. Heading Font Style – Font style of the headings.
  4. H1 Font Size – H1 tag font size.
  5. H2 Font Size – H2 tag font size.
  6. H3 Font Size – H3 tag font size.
  7. H4 Font Size – H4 tag font size.
  8. H5 Font Size – H5 tag font size.
  9. H6 Font Size – H6 tag font size.

Social Media Settings

  1. Facebook URL – Your facebook fan page link.
  2. Twitter URL – Twitter page link.
  3. Google+ URL – Google+ page link.
  4. Instragram URL – Your Instragram fan page link.
  5. Pinterest URL – Your Pinterest page link.
  6. YouTube URL – YouTube page link.

Home Page Settings

  1. Slider Images – The slider images for the hero slider on the home page.
  2. Banner Heading – Your SEO heading for the home page.
  3. Banner Intro – A short introduction about your business for SEO.

Contact Page Settings

  1. FAX – Your FAX number. If empty, will not be displayed.
  2. Address – Your business address. If empty, will not be displayed. The map will also be based on this address.
  3. Hide Map – Enable/Disable the map below the contact form.

Footer Settings

  1. Footer Background – Background color of the footer area
  2. Footer Font Color – The color of the text and links in the footer area.
  3. Footer Logo – The footer logo, Ideal dimensions are 150px x 40px
  4. Logo Max Width – The maximum width of the footer logo you uploaded above.
  5. Footer Intro – A short SEO text about your website/store.

Additional CSS

Any Custom CSS that you want to add to your website that is not available in the theme options.

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